Jill Razor Starter Kit

Jill Razor Starter Kit

Dermaplaning Face Exfoliator Tool & Facial Hair Remover – Petite Upper Lip & Eyebrow Razor, Wide Face Blade for Cheeks & Forehead – Acne Scar Remover & Skin Tightener

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How To Use

Shave with Jill on properly prepared skin that is washed, cleansed, and prepped with facial oil. Shave gently in light, feathering motions with the direction of the hair. After shave, nourish with a moisturizer that has no active ingredients, but is packed full of hydration and nutrients for your skin. Bask in your new glow!  


  • The Beauty Razor - Shave away discoloration, uneven skin tone, and inconsistent texture with every stroke of Jill, the best-kept beauty secret for future-proofing and maximizing glow.
  • A Smoother Finish - With peach fuzz and dead skin out of the way, say hello to improved product absorption, overall skin tightening and toning, and a smoother base for makeup application.
  • Ready, Set, Glow - Dermaplaning from our microgroove safeguard blades can support collagen production and skin cell turnover, which may reduce the visual signs of aging with regular use.
  • The Complete Package - The Jill Starter Kit includes the recyclable Jill Glow Wand and protective lid, Shave Set (one petite blade and one wide blade), Travel Case, Gunk Pad, and Instruction Manual.
  • Two Sizes Fit All - With our petite blade designed for precise work like brow shaping, and our wide blade built for cheeks and forehead, Jill considers every area on even the most sensitive of faces.


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